During a time of illness, Vincent of Ferrier (1350-1419), a Dominican preacher, received a vision of Christ instructing him to "go through the world preaching Christ." When the vision subsided, he discovered that, indeed, he was completely well. Immediately, he set out preaching and teaching throughout Europe with astonishing results.

A fellow Dominican described Vincent as one whose words "struck terror in the hearts of sinners." In fact, such conviction accompanied his preaching that, at times, he was forced to curtail his sermons because of the overpowering sobs from the congregation. Everywhere he preached, countless conversions and remarkable miracles were reported. Butler reports that some fainted or, as we would say today, fell under the power During ministry in the Netherlands, so many miracles were wrought that an hour was set aside daily for the healing of the sick. 15

 Vincent is also reported to have possessed the gift of speaking in tongues. Butler says, "On the authority of
 reliable writers, various ethnic groups where he traveled and preached heard him speaking in their own language."16


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