Sri Lanka December 16-23 2017

Sri Lanka December 16-23 2017

Nick and Sam Foley invited me to go on a trip with them to Sri Lanka this December. They have been pouring into Pastor Babu and his church and a Montessori school there for the last 10 years. The church has grown from about 30 to over 150. The school has launched and has become the most sought after school in the area. The pastor has also connected with Compassion International that is giving the church another avenue for outreach to the kids. You could literally tell by the joy they carry which kids have been through the school or the Compassion International program. 

I was fortunate enough to walk into the 10 years of prayers and efforts of the Foley’s and Pastor Babu and his family and experience the fruit of all their labors. I love how led by the Holy Spirit the Foley’s are. When I asked what we were going to do there, Nick said we will find out from the Holy Spirit when we get there.

The first morning there I woke up early and started getting a download from the Holy Spirit on what to do as well as words of knowledge on things Jesus was going to heal. i shared the ideas with Nick and Sam and we were all in agreement and went to the prayer meeting that pastor Babu had planed that morning. He spoke and we worshiped for about an hour and a half. The main two languages are Sinhalese and Tamil and the services were given in both languages. 

Nick spoke next and expressed his thankfulness to God for the divine connection that was made with the pastor and the Foley’s ten years ago and all that had transpired since. Then it was my turn and I had already greatly simplified what I was going to say because of the fact that whatever I said was going to be interpreted into two other languages besides english and the fact that I had specific words of knowledge of physical conditions to express which I was convinced God was going to heal.

I gave words of knowledge for knees being healed, shoulders, tumors, cancer, and limited vision but I held one back which was a barren woman. I later know why I held it back. There was probably about 40 people there that morning and almost everyone came forward for prayer. Every word of knowledge was prayed for and all that could be verified were healed. 

One of the elders came forward and both knees were healed. A very old gentleman came forward with pain in both shoulders both knees and chest pain. Every bit of his pain left and he came back around several times ginning from ear to ear with his arms raised. A lady came forward for pain in stomach and side. As I dug a little deeper into her issue, I realized it was related to her former life as a Hindu and had her renounce all other God’s except Jesus. She did and I commanded all spirits afflicting her to go in Jesus name. The spirits left and Sam later told me that she felt and saw spirits coming out of the lady. She was completely healed and I prayed for the Holy Spirit to pour out on her and she started shaking and weeping and putting her hands on both sides of her head and was borderline screaming as I asked her what was going on and she said something was stirring deep inside. I asked if it was good and she said yes that God was healing her spirit. 

Three people came forward for prayer at different times that all had the same issue. When they tried to read scripture they could not. One man’s eyes would burn, another could not see the text and another could not focus long enough to read. None of these conditions manifested if they read anything except the bible. What they all had in common is that they were former Hindu’s. In each case we had them renounce all other gods except for Jesus commanded the demonic spirits to go and all three were healed in Jesus name.

A young man came forward for prayer that a friend of mine prophesied that I would meet. I did not recognize that he was the one until the Holy Spirit, the following day told me that he was the one my friend Chris had prophesied about. As I prayed for this young man the Holy Spirit started to touch him and he started to shake. I placed my hand on top of his head and asked the Holy Spirit for more and he passed completely out. Pastor Babu caught him right before he hit the ground. His body was like a limp noodle and he laid on the floor for about 15 minutes before he came to. Here was Chris’ prophesy.

"Although you will have many divine appointments, one will be different. I then saw a picture of mountains and high places, and I sensed this was fortified spiritual strongholds. And I realized in my spirit this means the one will have the anointing of Joshua to go take the land for his people and as a possession for Christ.  I believe you and your team will put a mantle on his shoulders and anoint him for this high calling."

Although I did not get another chance to pray with him, I believe the mantle was placed through that power encounter with Holy Spirit and the next day the Holy Spirit confirmed that he was the one that Chris spoke of.

That night one of the church members invited a bunch of people over to her house. We had to walk by a group of houses that were next door and they were Hindu’s who were drumming and chanting as we walked by. We gave another brief message and invited those who wanted to receive prayer to come forward. Almost everyone in the room came forward, one at a time and most of them were Hindus. When we first got to the house, Nick said, do you remember the word of knowledge that you didn’t call out this morning?" I said yes and he said "She is here to night". Many were delivered and many healed. The last person who came forward was a lady. When we asked what she wanted prayer for she said that she had been trying to get pregnant for 7 years. Nick and I looked at each other and grinned. We prayed for her to get pregnant and know that she will because God doesn’t give words of knowledge that He doesn’t intend to follow through on.

The next morning I got up and got another series of words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. I got many of the same ones as the previous day with the exception of two specific words. There was a broken arm that did not heal properly and a deformed foot. We had another prayer meeting that morning but it was scaled down to an hour and I did not get up and give a message so I did not release the words but many came forward for prayer. During that hour prayer time Pastor Babu prayed fervently for the Holy Spirit to come and all of a sudden a massive thunder clap hit and shook the building and it felt like it shook the whole mountain. It was the only thunder that happened. We felt like Holy Spirit answered that prayer with power.

The second lady that came forward when asked what she wanted to have prayer for said "I have a broken arm that never healed properly and they put metal in my arm that has failed and the corrosion is affecting the health of the rest of my body." I started to weep at the goodness of God. That was such a specific word and their she was ready for her healing from Jesus. As I prayed I cried and fire ran up and down her arm and she started to shake and cry as the power of the Holy Spirit wrecked her and me. That night we prayed at her house for all the people she invited and she was grinning from ear to ear when I saw her. 

Another lady came forward for prayer that was one of the worship leaders as she played a hand drum and had already received prayer the previous morning. This time she wanted a dream interpreted and needed prayer because something was preventing her from seeing Jesus in her visions. The dream was her surrounded by people in white praying for her while a snake was crawling on the ground around her and Jesus was in the distance. I told her the people in white were members of her church that intercede for her in prayer and the snake was a demon from her former Hindu life trying to interfere with her and Jesus. I had her break agreement with that spirit and I commanded it to go in Jesus name. It left and she started to weep and Jesus showed up in a clear vision to her.

That night at her house, the first lady that came forward was a Hindu that said nothing about her life was good. She also had issues with asthma and felling like she was going to faint.  I told her that Jesus could change everything about her life. As i told her about Jesus, I asked if she wanted to receive Him? She said yes and I told her she would have to be willing to renounce all the other Hindu gods and she said she was ready. The pastors wife led her through a prayer to revive Jesus. I then started commanding demonic spirits to leave and they left her. I then prayed for the Holy Spirit to come and fill her up. She was sitting in a chair and passed completely out under the power of the Holy Spirit. When she came to she said that heard in her heart that Jesus had set her free. 

Several more came forward and were healed and powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. The last person that came forward was a boy that wanted prayer for his family. He then said "My mother stepped wrong on a stone and hurt her foot so badly that she can no longer walk and it has been over a year." We asked if it was now deformed and he said "yes."  We all smiled and I prayed over his foot as I asked him to stand in for his mom as we commanded healing over his mom’s foot. 

When we left the house that night after praying with people for 3 hours, we walked by the houses where the chanting had come from earlier and we noticed there was now writing and Hindu designs that had been drawn with chalk directly on our path. We believe they intended for us to walk on it and receive whatever was being prayed against us so we walked around it.

When we got back to our rooms that night, one of the waiters asked for prayer for his mom. She had been unable to eat for days and could not get out of bed. We got him to stand in for his mom and we laid hands on him and commanded healing in Jesus name. The next day he came in grinning from ear to ear and said that his mom was up and eating. Jesus had healed another one on our trip.

We then traveled to Sam and Nicks’ amazing property they own at the base of a 7 peak mountain. A plane had crashed into one of the shear rock sides of a peak back in the 70’s with 250 passengers all perishing as the plane exploded. Also there was a buddhist shrine at the base of their property where as many as 500 buddhist gather once a year and have for probably centuries. Nick asked me to pray over the land and the family that lives on their 18 acres. I did and prayed a cleansing prayer of repentance for everything that had taken place on that property that had dishonored God and opened the door to the demonic. We commanded every spirit not of the Holy Spirit to leave that property and never return. We then declared it as kingdom territory and invited the Holy Spirit to occupy every square inch of it and there was a tangible shift in the atmosphere of that place that everyone felt.

That night, in the middle of the night I had a visitation of a peacock whose head turned into a serpent and came at me. I commanded it to go in Jesus name and it left but was in warfare most of the night and I knew this was a result of the cleansing prayer we had done on their property. When I woke up I asked Sam if she was familiar with a peacock god and she said yes and then pulled it up on a google search on her phone. And it was one of the main Hindu gods that rode a peacock. His name is not worth repeating and he had to bow the knee to Jesus and surrender that part of domain to King Jesus.