Join me in this prayer on a regular basis.

Lord I praise you because you are worthy of more praise than I can possibly realize. There is no way for me to know all the ways that you have acted on my behalf and loved me. For this reason, I bow my knee before you Father God, as everyone in heaven and on earth get their name from you, their truest identity. I ask that the books written for me in heaven be read aloud today as I come into agreement with what is being spoken over me right now from heaven to earth. I ask that all the provision needed accompany what is being spoken in heaven and both be manifested in my life on earth as it is in heaven.

God, I claim that I am a son of the Most High, that I am a brother and joint heir with Jesus and that He has made me holy and blameless in your sight. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in me ready to manifest as I come into agreement with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit I refuse to fall into unbelief and deny your power as I declare that your gifts and calling cannot be revoked or changed. I walk in your peace, comfort, power and anointing. I refuse to be a pew sitting, left-brain only, powerless denier of the miraculous. I refuse to deny I have an enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy and that whatever I come into agreement with I give power to over my life.

I declare that I am a washed, cleansed, redeemed, surrendered, powerful, lover of Jesus who manifests His power and presence to others. I won’t give up, give in, surrender my mind, emotions or will to the enemy. I declare that the demonic realm is real but Jesus you have already defeated them and I claim Your authority that You have given me to tread on scorpions and snakes and not be harmed. I cancel every assignment of the enemy against mine and my families life in Jesus name. But Lord my enemy is not my focus. God, you are my focus and Father you love me intensely and it changes how I see myself and others. Jesus, you are my focus because you love me with a love that surpasses knowledge and speaks right to my spirit. Holy Spirit, you are my focus as you strengthen my inner man with power, presence and gifting and you give me the ability to walk victoriously in this life.

Jesus, your resurrected life flows through my body, soul and spirit and causes me to reign in this life without shame or guilt, without regret or condemnation. I am a son and not a slave and You have torn off the rear-view mirror of my life as I press on toward the upward call. Lord you alone are able to do far more abundantly than all that I could ask or think, according to the power at work within me, to You be glory, majesty and honor in Christ Jesus, forever and ever. Amen.